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We cannot do anything on our own to go to heaven, but believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and He will take us there because He gave His life up for us.

We cannot buy anything that will get us into heaven, but believe in the Lord because He paid the price for us with His blood.

We cannot be a good person and do good deeds to get to heaven, but believe on the Lord Jesus because He will make us clean and acceptable.

We cannot get to heaven after being baptized in water, but believe in Jesus and you will be baptized by the Spirit - born again in the Spirit!

Once we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, we will still sin and have impure thoughts. But by His blood, we are saved and will strive to sin no more.

Once we believe in the Lord, we will be told that we have done something to go to hell, but because we believe in Jesus by faith we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, and we are saved.

Without Jesus, we are condemned already. But with Jesus, we are saved by grace.


Welcome to The Place Where the Word of God Goes Out to Conquer and Set Free!

Welcome to Christian Education Center


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